Covenant Approach to G&S - 10/9/17

By Anonymous

The Covenant

"The Book of Mormon was given as my covenant for this day and contains my gospel, which came forth to allow people to understand my work and then obtain my salvation";"Repent and bring forth fruit showing repentance, and I will establish my covenant with you and claim you as mine. 

The Guide and Standard

"When you have an agreed statement of principles I require it to also be added as a guide and 
standard for my people to follow":

"I have given to you my doctrine, and have also revealed teachings, commandments, precepts, and principles to guide you and it is not meet that I command you in all things—reason together and apply what I have given you and it will be enough.
  • "Study my words and let them be the The Covenant standard for your faith
  • "Receive the scriptures approved by the Lord as a standard to govern you in your daily walk in life"
  • "Use the scriptures to correct yourselves and to guide your words, thoughts and deeds"
The Details
  • "Love one another"
  • "Repent, therefore, like Peter and end your unkind and untrue accusations against one another and make peace"
  • "Labor with me [Christ]"
  • "Be like me [Christ]"
  • "Come to me [Christ]"
  • "Forgive one another"
  • "Receive my covenant and abide in it"
  • "Do not murmur"
  • "Take care how you invoke my [Christ's] name"
  • "Be of one heart"
  • "Regard one another with charity"
  • "Accept and do as I have required"
  • "Measure your words before giving voice to them"
  • "Consider the hearts of others"
  • "Study to learn how to respect your brothers and sisters and to come together by precept, reason and    persuasion"
  • "Do my [Christ's] works"
  • "Pray together in humility and together meekly present your dispute to me"
  • "Flee from the cares and longings that belong to Babylon"
  • "Obtain a new heart"
  • "Let not your hearts remain divided from one another and divided from me"
  • "Be tender with one another"
  • "Pursue judgment"
  • "Judge not others except by the rule you want used to weigh yourself"
  • "Bless the oppressed"
  • "Care for the orphan"
  • "Uplift the widow in her need"
  • "Rejoice in me [Christ]"
  • "Rejoice with your brethren and sisters who are mine also"
  • "Be one"
  • "Do not forsake my covenant to perform it"
  • "Accept the obligations established by the Book of Mormon as a covenant"
  • "Cease to do evil and to seek to continually do good"
  • "Assist all others who covenant to likewise accept this standard to govern their lives to keep the Lord’s will"
  • "Succor those who stand in need"
  • "Lighten the burdens of your brothers and sisters whenever you are able"
  • "Help care for the poor among you"
  • "Seek to become of one heart with those who seek the Lord to establish His righteousness"
  • "Cry peace"
  • "Proclaim my words"
  • "Invite those who will repent to be baptized and forgiven, and they shall obtain my Spirit to guide them"
  • "Be comforted"
  • "Be of good cheer"
  • "Rejoice"
  • "Look up"
  • "Seek to recover the lost sheep remnant of this land and of Israel and no longer forsake them. Bring them unto me and teach them of my ways, to walk in them"
  • "Teach your children to honor me"
"The time is now far spent, therefore labor with me and do not forsake my Covenant to perform it; study my words and let them be the standard for your faith and I will add thereto many treasures. Love one another and you will be mine, and I will preserve you, and raise you up, and abide with you forever."


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  2. I hereby publicly express my dissent from this proposal.

    Jared Livesey

  3. I still love these Words. It is a Standard to desire to live, may God help me. I am so full of vanity and pride. May my neck be bowed and my heart, soft and broken enough for the water to get in that a seed shall continue to grow and bear fruit worth saving.

    Thank you to the Woman who complied these words from the Lord. I love you.

    Eva Gore