Statement of Principles-Anonymous1 - 10/29/17

This is a proposed Statement of Principles submitted anonymously.

Statement of Principles-Anonymous1


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  2. I like the "A Statement of principles - Anonymous" because the statements all come from the Lord. How can anyone disagree with that? It also covers all areas of concern. This is about what the Lord wants to give to the world. It is not about us or representing us. We should give His words to the world and not our own. This does that. Again, it is the Lord's word that covers all subject matter. It is not what we think but what the Lord wants…
    Thank You Anonymous for your effort to combine this statement of principles through the Lord's word!!!

  3. This is beautiful. Thank you for your work!

  4. I hereby publicly express my dissent from this proposal.

    Jared Livesey

    1. I hereby publicly dissent from this proposal.

      Jay Todd

  5. The Book of Mormon contains the covenant and Preserving the Restoration is my guide and Standard. Therefore any more or less than what is contained in these books that can be found in this proposal (quoted as doctrine) I cannot come to unity upon. That being said, I agree with all quotes and scriptures from these two sources as quoted in this proposal! :)

    Thank you for all your effort esp to lay out the Doctrine of Christ and the Ordinances.

    Eva Gore