Prayer Meeting October 8 2017 - 10/6/17

Dear brothers and sisters,

This Sunday, October 8th, we would like to invite all of you to join us in fasting and praying.  We would like to come together in partaking the Sacrament at 11:30 am, if at all possible wherever you are, and then there will be a united prayer beginning at 12:00 pm MST. Information is listed below for Zoom video conference for those who would like to participate live for the prayer. If you are unable to do so we encourage each of you individually or within your fellowships to join us in beseeching the Lord.  

There has been discussion among a few of us that in preparation for praying together to present our dispute to the Lord, we suggest that each of us take the time to prayerfully read the words of those who bring differing viewpoints. We're not intending to suggest that everyone must read every possible viewpoint out there; rather we are suggesting that everyone take seriously the effort and show the Lord by our deeds that we really want to be of one heart with all others who have accepted a covenant.  Whichever viewpoint you've currently found most persuasive, we suggest familiarizing yourself with at least one other of these, and if you have the inclination, we don't think reading all of them would be amiss:
·       Appeal for the Aug 5 Document - 
·       ComeServe approach (Adrian Larsen, Jeff Savage, etc):
o   Statements and Principles, Part 1: The Lord’s Words -
o   Statements and Principles, Part 2: The Lord’s Requirements -
o   Statements and Principles, Part 3: A Path Forward -
We doubt this list is exhaustive, but it's a good representation of most of the proposals that we've heard. If we've neglected someone, by all means - let us know.  We believe how we read and listen to one another is every bit as important as what we read.  If you are a passionate person who doesn't like being told what to think (since that basically describes ALL of us), it'll probably be tempting to read these looking for ways to rebut. 

We suggest that instead of reading and mentally responding, point by point, to what you're reading, and preparing to write an exposition on 101 ways ____ has it wrong, backwards, etc, read to understand your brother and sister. Take on the role of an advocate, or intercessor. Read it in such a way that you could understand and make a convincing case for why this view is correct, even if you actually remain convinced of your own favored approach (which, you probably will). Read and consider it the way you hope others would read your view. Regard them as the Lord's. Even if they don't seem to be extending that courtesy to you, accept that it starts here, and it starts now. 

After doing this, however much of this you feel called to do, we believe we will be prepared to take the dispute to the Lord and receive an answer from Him.  But we think getting an answer will require that we soften our hearts toward one another long enough to listen, carefully consider the views and hearts of others, recognize that they want the same things we want, and set aside the perceived genius of our cherished position.  The Lord said He'd tell us His part if we're contrite.  We believe Him.  So let's do it.

Here are the Video Conference Details:

Oct 8, 2017, 12:00PM MDT

By Telephone: 408-638-0968, Meeting ID: 619 603 704

If the times for Sacrament and prayer are not conducive to your schedule we ask that you participate whenever possible on that day. 

Presenting a dispute to the Lord as a covenant people is pretty much a new ordeal for most, if not all, of us so if anyone has a better idea please come forward and share. We humbly ask you to join together, all of us, in this effort to meekly present our dispute to the Lord and obtain His part.  We love you all and desire to be one.  Let us pray together to know His part.

With love,
your brother and sisters in Christ,

Paula Hurst, Taylor Child, Karen Strong, Jill Hudson, and Lynne McKinley 

"It is impossible for me to become one with you, and you to become one with me, unless you obtain the mind of God and I obtain the mind of God. Then we find that all the differences that separate us melt away. Because we're one, not with each other, we're one with God. And that intelligence, that light which animates us that is inside of us, leads to the position where we become of one mind." (Denver Snuffer, Talk on Faith, September 28, 2013)


  1. About the Zoom Conference -- Zoom is limited to 50 nodes, so if you're planning on participating, it may be a good idea to get together in person to share the connection. Just a thought :)

  2. Thankful to those whose hearts were impressed to invite us all to pray. May our hearts be softened that we may recognise what is Truth and what can unite us.

    Eva Gore