Answer to the Prayer for the G&S Nonmancaaf Swhafugs

This has been submitted in regards to the G&S Nonmancaaf Swhafugs:

An Answer to the Guide and Standard Nonmancaaf Swhafugs


  1. Thanks for posting this.
    Fawn Livesey

  2. I do not recognize or accept this as the voice of Jesus Christ. It is a familiar spirit, but is not Him. The words are multiplied. The Spirit is absent.

  3. As I publically stated before, I recognise the voice of my Lord in this Answer which contains revelation that draws me closer to the Lord. I appreciate whoever humbled themselves enough that the Lord spoke to them. Thank you. I accept this, it contains Truth and Light, but most importantly... His Doctrine which saves.

    With love and much gratitude

    Eva Gore