Friday, February 16, 2018

Statement by Twelve Visions

The Statement

To be free! To be free!
Can we mutually
Agree is the thing that we all want to be?
For thy principles guide thee and mine do guide me.
If you care, though, to share, though, I'll jubilantly
Take a view
Yes, review to
Consider and see
How our dreams may combine in sublime unity!

Let's be free--you and me!
And prevent slavery!
To the man who demands all your conformity!
In white he is dressed
But by us he'll be blessed
As we so peacefully
Make our way to the Tree.

To be free! Is my plea,
It's to love and express, always genuinely.
I'll hold up a standard for all now to see...
The deep "part." (On the heart, written permanently):

To be free! It's the KEY!
And the new melody!
Please gather your psalteries and come,

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