Thursday, December 7, 2017

Pardon Our French

We apologize for our poorly worded post. Our intent was to explain that this committee is not in charge of the G&S process and that we are going silent about it. Instead, it sounded to some that we were shutting down the G&S efforts. Not at all the case. Any legitimate posts that need to be made by those working to resolve the G&S issues and bring us to mutual agreement on a single document will be put up.

1 comment:

  1. I appreciated the cyber-slap on the hands. It was needed, I think; a good splash of cold water in the face. Perhaps not the ideal way to grab attention, but maybe we needed a reminder of who and Whose we are? I actually felt it was good for all to take a breather. At least I found it a good thing for me. Other avenues for discussing might have been discovered or used.

    I'm still kind of feeling a desire to step away. It is Christmas time. It has felt hard to have any cheer, joy, and love with all that has gone on. I want to remember the gift that friends are on this journey, and become hopeful once more that all here actually want to be friends. As the world will grow ever darker, we will need to have safe havens among us. And if a few hundred souls who have been given so much light and truth are unable to find solidarity in their friendships and beliefs, then how can we expect to help show others scattered around the earth the Way?

    Merry Christmas all. I pray you will have a blessed, beautiful Christ-mas.