Monday, December 18, 2017

Nonmancaaf Swhafugs - Guide and Standard (11-16-2017, updated 12-12-2017)

As a reminder, we actually believe in the principles underlying this document’s title, which is the “Nonmancaaf Swhafugs” meaning “Non Opposing, No Marketing Added, Non Compulsory, All Are Free. Simply What He Asked From Us G&S.” 🙂 We restate this because we believe this to be true and want to be clear about our beliefs and intentions; we are not, and indeed cannot, impose anything on anyone else.

It has come to our attention that the Lord had more to say regarding the Guide and Standard - Nonmancaaf Swhafugs. Accordingly, we have made His requested corrections.

Additionally, for simplicity sake—and to remove any unnecessary attention directed at this particular labor (especially above any other)—we have compiled all of the related documents into one single PDF and asked to have the pages on the sidebar consolidated into one page.

The linked PDF on the bottom of this page is a compiled document that contains (in order):

1 The fully updated Guide and Standard - Nonmancaaf Swhafugs
2 The introductory post submitted on the G&S Blogspot
3 The Summary History for Guide and Standard - Nonmancaaf Swhafugs
4 The Lord's requested Prayer for Guide and Standard - Nonmancaaf Swhafugs
5 The Lord's Answer for Guide and Standard - Nonmancaaf Swhafugs (fully received in 2 parts dated 11-28-2017 and 12-3-2017)

We love you all and hope this information (in one file) is helpful as we work to finish doing as the Lord has directed. (Sometime in the next few weeks we will request/perform a general vote including every document offered to date EQUALLY and UNPREJUDICED as per the Lord's invitation to us)

Also available in booklet form on Amazon ( for $5.38. (Turns out, it is cheaper to print a booklet than on paper at our local library!)

All ‘Nonmancaaf Swhafugs’ information will also continue to be housed independently on


  1. I dispute the adoption of this proposal for reasons which have been laid out fully elsewhere.

    Jared Livesey

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  3. I agree with the idea of a process whereby all proposals may be "voted" upon. Perhaps a listing of them all by preference? That has always felt like an excellent way to respect the work of others and protect agency.

    1. I can see this method fracturing the group even further. This method seems to divide and NOT UNITED. Otherwise, if we have four G&S proposals and we vote on each of them, then there is a possibility that each G&S proposal receives 25% of the peoples vote. Also, the winning vote could be less than 50%. Again, this seems to divide rather than unite.

      Anonymous II

    2. I am choosing to respect what others are feeling led to do. I wonder if we as a group had taken time to discuss each proposal on its own merits for one to four weeks at a time, to allow those who put each one forward for consideration to share their inspirations, their visions, their hearts as the rest asked questions and discussed, then at the end allowed the body to show their overall preferences as a list from which to determine how best to proceed, perhaps the current struggles would have been avoided? As a whole we have not shown that kind of consideration and respect to one another. But I can understand your perspective. As long as some feel led to continue to work on a proposal, I will listen.

  4. Thank you for your work! I believe this covers the basics that have been given to us at this time and it would be a good guide for those who are just beginning. I wonder if this would get more support than that produced by the lots. I think there are many who would support and vote for several of the documents that have been produced.

  5. I find the Nonmancaaf Swhafugs document to be excellent. I am glad I took the time to read it. I wish for it to be adopted as our Guide and Standard.

    I support the "Lots" document, also, but I find the Nonmancaaf Swhafugs document to be superior on almost every point.

    Gary Gibson

  6. When you look at one of the highest priority ingredients in a Zionistic community, is EQUALITY. In solving the G&S problem, EQUALITY must come first. If we are to become a group of EQUALS in Zion, we must learn the process of EQUALITY. The ONLY document that qualifies using EQUALITY as its base is the Lots G&S document. It was open to ALL of those who wanted to participate into the process. People VOLUNTARILY agreed to the process. ALL of those who wanted to be on the Lots’ committee submitted their names VOLUNTARILY. Those whose names were submitted by other people could choose to accept or decline. ALL were invited to submit their own version of the G&S, even if not selected. ALL of this was done VOLUNTARILY and EQUALLY. The Lord chose who He wanted to be on that committee, and honored the work and contributions of ALL others along the way. The body of equals then voted to accept the document; every person's vote carrying equal weight and respect. I am sure there are more steps to the process, but you get the picture.

    ALL other documents were written by an individual, representatives of fellowships (which did not always represent the individual views found within the fellowship), or self-appointed small groups acting without the prior agreement of the body and were then presented to the entire body for a vote. These methods did NOT afford the same degree of EQUAL opportunity to EACH individual in the body. This is significant! This is NOT being EQUAL to the body at Large. This is the same pattern as most of us came from. We MUST be different.

    ALL other ways were voluntary ONLY to a small group but NOT to the body at large. This is why, as a group of EQUALS, we failed. This is why we keep on failing with each document being presented because ALL other documents have NOT the common element of EQUALITY. Everyone wanted EQUALITY but could not figure it out until someone came up with the idea of a Lots system. The ONLY ONE that truly qualifies is the Lots G&S because it was VOLUNTARILY and EQUALLY accepted by the body. Because we have both wheat and tares in the group, there will always be problems. It is very difficult to be EQUAL but it is a learning process. In a Zionistic community, this Lots system may not matter but until then the lots system is, in my mind, the ONLY equality-based system we have.

    Question: How can we have so many people or groups of people receiving REVELATION for THEIR particular G&S - claiming to be guided by the Lord or claiming theirs has been approved by the Lord? This is very problematic in my mind. Other than the answer Shalyce received from the Lord accepting the G&S on behalf of a body of EQUALS, ALL others have received something based on their OWN accord FOR the whole group. It seems very questionable and unconvincing that there could be some people saying that the Lord has given them authorization to write a G&S when the Lord has ALREADY APPROVED the Lots’ G&S. This makes no sense to me and it makes the Lord sound like a confusing GOD, giving His stamp of approval on this G&S proposal. He seems to be contradicting Himself in His methods or is it people NOT having Authority speaking for Him? Jesus is NOT a God of confusion. I hesitate to think that the Lord is the author of all this confusion among His children that are seeking Him.

    I ask that you seriously consider the foundation of EQUALITY that was used by the Lots proposal - that this EQUALITY-based process gave to justify the seven Lots members to approach God to get an answer in behalf of the entire body - still allowing for each individual to go to God for their own confirmation and express that through a common vote of EQUALS.

    Again, in my opinion, the ONLY document that qualifies as REPRESENTING the WHOLE group as INDIVIDUALS EQUALLY and has been approved by the Lord is the Lots G&S.

    Anonymous II

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  9. In a body of equals, when the Lord gives authorization or asks for something to be written, all will hear the call and respond. In a body of equals, the equals work together and do not argue and fight to get their version moved to the top. We have a long path before we are a body of equals, thus we have our current issues. Why doesn't the lots committee, this group, and anyone else who feels called, put aside their differences, be humble, teach each other and produce a document that possibly could get 99-100%. We are getting very close to completion. Now is a time for patience and continued effort, not fighting and competition.

  10. I believe, the voice of the people means letting your voice be heard among the people. To me, it's declaring what I believe. You can believe it means it is a vote/majority, that is up to you. I will do as I say, by letting my voice be known. You may say that I am disputing because of how you define disputing. I don’t define “dispute” as you do.

    It seems what I am being told is that I need to be quiet and just accept what you believe for the sake of not disputing-I don’t see eye to eye on this with you. I am not voicing my beliefs to convince you to be on my side. I don’t believe my side matters in this. To me, what matters is what the Lord needs to be done for His plan to work. I will act according to what I am commanded to do. I voice my beliefs to you, in hopes that you might get a glimpse into how others, not from your Nation, may see things. I realize I am only one piece of a million-piece puzzle.
    I am a remnant of Lehi, I don’t simply have the blood DNA of this line, but I have lived it. I am not saying this makes me better than you, I just know what it is like to be one who has experienced oppression because of iniquity. Iniquity to me means inequality. To me, equality means that everyone has the same opportunity to hear the voice of the Lord and come unto Him. Does this document portray that? Think of people who have been abused, oppressed and told they are dark. I’m not trying to pull a race card, like some have accused me of doing. All my intent has ever been, when I talk about these things, is to help, help you understand how you could approach the Native people of this land. You have, by way of your experience with the GS, have experienced what it is like to be a minority, to lose your freedom, to not have a voice, and to be abused by those who are in control. I am asking you, begging you, to think of that and ask yourself, “does this document bless, benefit and inform those who have lived in this state?”

    If Denver approached you and said, “I am a covenant person and I have the truth that will save you,” and then proceeded to tell you how to perform ordinances, would you have listened to him? Instead, Denver started off by informing us of our potential and opportunity. When I read the Second Comforter it felt like FREEDOM. Freedom to have an individual relationship with God. Freedom to receive revelation directly from Him. Freedom to come into His presence. It was freeing to know that I didn’t have to wait till some white person told me that I was righteous enough to have a connection with the Lord. It is freeing to know that I have an equal opportunity to hear His voice.

    I realized by way of the BOM, what the Lord is offering. It was definitely good news. It gave me hope. Since I was young, I have had a great love for my people and my culture. I have a great desire for my people to have the opportunity to hear about the fullness of the gospel, and to be once again free to have a connection with our Creator without some institution telling them how to worship. Remember what Isaiah prophesied of the Gentile Nation and their role (1 Nephi 21 and 22)

    In particular:
    1 Nephi 22:8
    And after our seed is scattered the Lord God will proceed to do a marvelous work among the Gentiles, which shall be of great worth unto our seed; wherefore, it is likened unto their being nourished by the Gentiles and being carried in their arms and upon their shoulders.

    What is this marvelous work? Are you saying you articulated that in your document?
    Q Adolpho

    1. Q, I know you are not addressing me specifically, but that verse from 1 Nephi 22 you have shared has deeply moved my heart. I began thinking of the tenderness and love that must be grown out of this...whatever this is, I don't have words for it all yet, in order to fulfill that prophecy.

      I felt this potent nurturing as I read that scripture. I thought of myself as a mother and remembered what it was like to hold a little baby in my arms, to carry a child with me everywhere I went, and the joyfulness of seeing my husband put a kidlet on his shoulders as we walked together as a family. I was consumed with love for my littles. It was natural, and I desired to hold them and carry them at times.

      That is what I feel is being spoken of in that verse--the kind of love and tenderness felt as a mother and father for their family. So I ask myself now what kind of document to be included in scripture would teach me and others to develop that level of nurturing and compassion and love and joy for your people and for all of God's children? Those are the words I want for a guide and a standard.

  11. That is of great importance Q. Is that what the guide and standard is? I am confused now, because I thought it was more of a suggestion for gathering after people accept all that you accepted and have been baptized. I don't see this as a missionary tool. Of course, if something phenomenal or extraordinary were produced, it could be used as such. In my mind, the Doctrine of Christ supercedes everything. I see this document as a suggestion for a loose structure for fellowships, with some important revelation given to Denver for organizing that has been revealed previously. I don't think it is so important that it should be waved above everything else at all. I believe that our Savior in His Loving way wants us to work for this and agree, just to have some commonality between us and a guide so we don't completely derail over some trivial organizational matters that this may be helpful in solving.

    I do not think you should sit down and just accept. We all should be engaged and work together. I do not believe that your voice nor anyone else's is insignificant. We all need to be patient with each other and be willing to hear from everyone. One may receive vital pieces of revelation, another may have different pieces, and yet another may have more pieces to contribute before the puzzle is completed. (I think someone already made this comparison. Sorry if I am copying it!)

    I believe that if you feel you have knowledge that will help Native peoples, you should write it. You could publish it in booklet form like the above has been. There is no need for anyones permission in my mind, except the Lord's. If he gave you an assignment, I feel you should do it no matter what people write here. I would love to read it and learn. I think this governing principles/guide and standard has become way to overblown, almost as if some want to put it in out in front of the Book of Mormon and Jesus Christ in importance, and that is not a good path to embrace. This is also what may have led to a lot of strife.

  12. Anonymous II,

    I love the "Lots" process and supported it. I think it was indeed inspired. We used a similar process in choosing speakers for the Saturday session of conference on September 2nd. I voted in favor of the document and I still support it. However, I think only giving them a week was a disservice to them, but it is sufficient. Has anyone asked the Lord if He has given a timeline/deadline? I have.

    I just believe the result to be an inferior document in quality to the Nonmancaaf Swhafugs document. I have read both. I would just simply prefer to have a superior document. That's all, quality matters to me.

    With that said, I support any document that meets a minimum standard.

    However, I do reserve the right to judge and compare the quality of the documents themselves, regardless of the source and clearly state my preference. I expect no one to care about my preferences, but I do believe I should state it in this case.

    I look forward to future candidates. I suspect there may be better ones presented.

    Gary Gibson

  13. I believe that this document is wise in word. Those who will have to be taught what is relevant to this dispensation are not just those who are descendants of Lehi - but ALL who have not had truth or lost truth.

    I, too am a descendant of Lehi. I support this document. I support people's ability to choose. I oppose none, but feel that I alone must do according to the dictates of my conscience. This document is the one that is the MOST complete of ANY I have read. I see it's wisdom. I feel like I can teach others who know nothing of the requirements of this dispensation OR about fellowships using THIS document.

    May the Lord help us all is my plea. We CAN disagree without harsh words. We CAN and MUST move forward trying to be obedient to the Lord's words as much as possible.

    For those who question the equality of this document, I don't see that at all. The history of the document is extraordinary in my opinion.

    Peace everyone!