Saturday, December 2, 2017

Answer received and corrections made to Guide & Standard - Nonmancaaf Swhafugs

It has come to our attention that the Lord has responded to our prayer for Guide & Standard - Nonmancaaf Swhafugs! (Answer received November 28th, Posted here December 1st){WEBMASTER: Please Include link to the Answer here} We praise the Lord for His mercy and kindness and also for His continued instruction that we might repent and become truly His people. This answer has come to us through another equal among us who has heard the call from Him to receive it. We have studied this answer and believe it to from Him and intend to act accordingly. 
According to His instruction we have made the correction/addition He has asked of us and we have reposted this new final Guide & Standard - Nonmancaaf Swhafugs exactly as He has requested.
We have noted also that His instruction to us includes requesting a vote be taken over all the documents/proposals submitted. We believe all will need some time to review this work for the Lord and His Answer that each May receive their own knowledge of it from God. Therefore we are requesting that a vote be taken sometime in December with no rush or pressure to be ready or even to submit to such a vote. We believe the Lord intends all to be treated equally and so the vote is for all proposals/documents as equals. We believe He desires the covenant body to choose for themselves, and still all are free to accept any document/proposal they personally choose. Agency must be preserved and we each must choose without compulsion, including any pressure marketing on our part to accept. We have sought to do just that. We understand that a vote for the ‘Lots’ proposal, as we believe it is now being called, has been taken and recognize those desirous to move forward with that. This should not interfere with any of that and there is nothing from us that will prevent anyone from simply ignoring this request. We only seek to do as He bids us do. We cannot control anything and have NO desires to do so.
Please, if any have thoughts about the timeframe or current action. Please post them in the comments below so that all may be considered equally.
Again we thank the Lord!
Some few equals of the covenant body


  1. Well, at least some few are finally asking that all the proposals be included for consideration. I will consider reviewing what is offered here, though I have not clue as to what good purpose it would serve at this point. Thank you for asking. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to see such a thing.

  2. I do not recognize or accept this answer as the voice of Jesus Christ. It is a familiar spirit, but is not Him. The words are multiplied: the Spirit is absent.

  3. I just read this, I do not believe this came from Christ, therefore I reject this answer, Margaret Brough

  4. I typed a lengthy response that detailed my thoughts. Then I deleted it, and now I am repenting. There are just no words.
    Thanks to all of those who agreed on the Lotster G&S vote. I appreciate your willingness to give the proposal a try. I thought it was awesome and it even left some room for inspiration, so as not to be compelled in everything. I am sorry that we could not all agree. Hopefully the Lord will guide and bless us for our continued patience.
    Love, Your Sister, Lisa

    1. And yes, I did not care for the above answer either, for the record. Thanks, Lisa

  5. I care for the above Answer and I accept and recognise the voice of my Lord in it. I also appreciated greatly, the prayer offered initially. This document contains revelation that aligns with Truth I have received myself from the Lord. Therefore I accept truth wherever I am blessed to find it given.

    Eva Gore

  6. And, I am extremely grateful to all those who laboured and humbled themselves and sought an answer from the Lord that I may also grow and expand in Light and accept the Truth, His Doctrine and His commandments wherever they can be found in purity, even from the Lord giving through least amongst us. Praise God.

  7. I hear the Lord that I know in this answer. It addresses so many fears and concerns that I’ve had over this whole heart breaking yet huge lesson learning process. One of the ways I see the Lord is through His abundant tender mercies and that’s what I find here. I’ve also had a personal witness that the Lord is well pleased with the Nonmancaaf Swhafugs Guide and Standard. I believe he has approved others as well and that he is very pleased with all of the efforts that have been made to compile and present the different proposals as well all of the extensive reading, searching praying, and deep caring that we have all done to try to fulfill this task. As a wise friend stated last night, the destination of Zion on the other side of mountain may have many ways to get to it. Especially as we all come from our own walks of life. I pray that as each of us continue to diligently search to know the Lord better, our paths with naturally align with each other, hence like attracting like and light attracting light.

    Melinda Francks

  8. I also hear God's voice in this document.

    It looks like the link is missing above so here's the url:

    Peter Martin