Tuesday, December 5, 2017


"In the work you have performed there are those who have been Satan, accusing one another, wounding hearts and causing jarring, contention, and strife by their accusations. Rather than loving one another, even among you who desire a good thing, some have dealt unkindly as if they were the opponents, accusers and adversaries. In this they were wrong." (Answer to Prayer for Covenant) It is apparent that we need to give the Lord some time to work on our hearts before we proceed. Until we produce a printed copy of the scriptures, this blog will remain silent concerning the Guide and Standard.

The scriptures committee has been asked to administer another vote to decide finally between qualified documents and announced yesterday that we would. However, it is apparent from the feedback on the blog, as well as from emails and phone calls, that there is still too much contention between advocates of the several documents, albeit a vocal minority. Until we have a body of believers who will be willing to accept a final Guide and Standard and agree to not dispute between one another, the scripture committee declines the request to administer another vote or participate in the Guide and Standard effort, believing that by doing so we may just add fuel to the fire.

When the assembly can persuade both the assembly itself and the scripture committee that a reasonable solution to the contentions and the Guide and Standard issues has been developed, we will be happy to discuss how to carry that forward. 

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