Saturday, November 18, 2017

Restorationist Papers Effort - Update

Dear brothers and sisters,

After being impressed upon by the Lord we desire to offer to the covenant body at large a statement of principles mutually agreed upon by some few, who after petitioning the Lord over our disputes received from Him what we believe is His desire for us, not by commandment but by pure knowledge, that He would have us accept everything He has revealed to the body of believers regarding the Guide and Standard that He has required at our hands. We have therefore compiled all that has been revealed and inspired by Him into one document and we offer it together with a prayer for the Lord’s acceptance, correction, or rejection according to His word to the covenant body. We offer this prayer at His invitation and desire only to be faithful to Him but we do not know how, or though who, He may choose to answer this petition. We do not believe that this requires any covenant Brother or Sister or any fellowship to be obligated to accept this work. We believe God has made us all free and able to choose what the Lord desires for them. We do not do this to oppose or hinder any other work any covenant Brother or Sister feels impressed to do from the Lord. We support all our family and desire to assist them in any way we can. To that end we offer what we believe the Lord has asked of us. We do indeed love our covenant family and can think of no greater way to fulfill our covenant with the Lord than by this labor we personally have accepted and for which we expect to be held to account by Him.

Some few who are a small part of the covenant body.

Proposed Guide and Standard
Prayer for the Guide and Standard


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    1. I second Donald's request, and would also like to know who is putting forward this GS. At this stage, I feel it good to be open with each other and own our ideas. Therefore, I would appreciate it if everyone would simply acknowledge their words, ideas, and works. It takes courage to put oneself out there and be vulnerable by sharing honestly and openly what one thinks and believes.

    2. Sorry if I offended you, Donald, by leaving my comment.

    3. Not offended at all. I learned who the group was and I was happy with that. :)

    4. I am pleased to learn you were answered.

  2. I publicly dissent from this proposal. The reasons have been stated here.

    Jared Livesey

  3. These documents are lovely.

    I also believe the “casting of lots” has been an acceptable method for obtaining the required document.

    A Plea for the Original, by Ken Jensen, (listed to the right), was an attempt to verify that many people were agreeable to Jeff Savage’s original, (which needed only simple editorial changes). Sadly, it was hard to muster enough support to by-pass the strong vocal opposition from all the different factions.

  4. I like this document, too. I like the section about exactness in the ordinances that isn't in a lot of the versions offered. Thank you for your offering.

    I don't know how we are going to proceed and how a guide and standard is going to get agreed upon, but I do know we all need to continue to pray, be humble, and ask for direction with an increase of light, so we can proceed in a way that will be inline with the Lord's will for us.

  5. This is stunningly beautiful in so many ways. No matter which version is ultimately printed in the scriptures as the "official" one, I will print this out, frame it, and display it over the mantelpiece of my home to be seen by anyone who enters. Thankyou for all the work and time that went into this, I love it. And I love you.