Monday, November 13, 2017

Developing a Statement of Principles by a Group Chosen by Lots

We believe the Lord’s hand was evident in the drawing of lots last night and have every confidence that this group of 7 can succeed in developing a Statement of Principles. The baton has now been passed to the 7 who have begun their labor and we, including the Central Recorder, have no further involvement in developing the statement.

We wanted to clarify a miscommunication we had with the Central Recorder regarding the role of the alternates. The original proposal stated “8. …if they could not unanimously approve the document within two weeks, they would disband and allow the selected alternates to undertake the same process” (p3). Because the original proposal was what was voted upon, the plan to allow the 7 alternates an opportunity to fulfill the assignment should the original 7 not succeed will be followed. On the Recorder’s Clearinghouse blog it was stated that if the 7 chosen did not succeed, they, as well as the alternates, would be redrawn (this has now been corrected). If selected individuals are unable to continue participation for any reason, additional alternates will be drawn accordingly.

We humbly petition the body of believers under covenant to unify in heart and mind to support those who have been chosen by lot to complete this assignment with their faith and prayers. In the Answer, the Lord has asked us: “And what is my Spirit? It is to love one another as I have loved you.” And He also commanded us to “Be of one heart, and regard one another with charity.” Let us continually strive to to do so.

James Fargo & Jim O’Rullian


  1. There was already Jeff’s effort, then a committee who rushed to finish, now a lots-committee with a two week deadline, with an alternate committee by the same lots to do the work if the original doesn’t succeed, to finish within another two weeks, ...and already the confusion mounts up. Why would I unify to have this succeed? You seem to define the Lord’s words in your own context. To you, being of one heart means “your heart,” as it is your efforts being promoted here. Charity is also defined in the direction of your effort and none other efforts that oppose yours. You have used the Lord’s words to guilt support for rushing and deadlining the work devolving upon us all, while usurping the right to govern the assignment, reducing the participants to seven people, chosen by lots, in the name of faith. And to add to the confusion, you have repeated multiple times before that this is really only an experiment, to pitch something in unity, and let God correct our words, as if God needs us to simply say the right words.

    My experience has taught me to hear His voice, placing the ownace on me to know His correct attributes, perfections, and characteristics. Abel’s sacrifice was acceptable as he did as the Lord’s voice commanded. Cain’s wasn’t because it wasn’t the Lord’s instructions. I respect the right and privilege for all to follow the voice of their master and do as they are guided. This may be revelation to you, so go for it.

    When you begin to speak for everyone here, as if this is an effort of unity for all who have covenanted, and use the words from the covenant we have all taken, to support an effort that does not resonate to all but those in support of you, you are stepping out of bounds. Tell us how you feel, fine. But telling us how God feels, because that’s what you feel God feels, that’s putting words into God’s mouth.

    I am just fine with people stating “this is what i’m Doing for such and such a reason.” If it has any merit, i’ll Get involved. If not, you shouldn’t look down your noses because God animates me different than you. And we ought not speak as if somehow our ability to post something on the central media is equated to being authorized. Speak for yourself and your efforts rather than speaking for a voice of a group of people, thus excluding those who do not align.

    I do not wish your failure, but I also do not have confidence of your effort’s success. That’s not to say that I pray that you fail. It’s an expression that the voice of the Lord doesn’t face me in that direction. I don’t want to abandon you either, and want to respect your agency to choose your path. I ask that you not passively force on me action not directed from the voice of the Lord to me, by pitting the voice of numbers against the voice of my God. Don’t abandon me and allow me to choose my path by allowing the words of Christ to animate me, rather than your interpretations of those words.

    Rob Adolpho

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