Friday, November 3, 2017

A Vote is Requested

A process has been circulated widely among the main body of believers describing the use of the scripturally supported method of drawing lots to assemble a small, limited, and provisional body of individuals to compile a Statement of Principles.  Those selected to serve will:

1.      Collect all documents (cleared of names) that have been submitted by the main body to the Central Recorder for consideration and use them to help inform and inspire their efforts;
2.      Set forth the Doctrine and Law of Christ as the standard of our faith;
3.      Provide a brief statement of principles intended to bless, benefit, and inform our brothers and sisters who know nothing, as yet, of the Lord’s work underway, which will help to guide them in as they return to an  original form of Christian worship in fellowships;
4.      Confine the components of the document to the criteria set forth in the proposal using the Lord’s own words as contained in the Prayer and Answer, the scriptures and the words of an authorized servant in our day;
5.      Strive to complete the assignment quickly with integrity, and in a cooperative, dispassionate, and humble manner, laying aside all personal bias for the good of the whole;
6.      Disband once the assignment is complete.

A summary of this proposal can be found HERE and a full description/discussion of this proposal can be found HERE.  Those submitting the proposal (Jim O’Rullian and James Fargo) have removed themselves from the pool of names and now request that we conduct a simple YES/NO vote to seek the permission of the main body of believers to move forward.   

The vote will take place this coming Monday-Wednesday, Nov 6-8. A link to the vote will be posted on this blog by Monday morning.

1 comment:

  1. I renew my public dissent from this proposal in both content and process.

    Jared Livesey