Monday, November 20, 2017

A Letter of Support

To all our Wonderful Fellow Covenant Holders,

Hello again.

We are the fellowship who compiled the Statement of Principles – Anonymous 1.

We have discussed together the Guide and Standard document completed by the seven individuals chosen by lot and we as a united fellowship support the document created by the seven.

We love these words of Christ and we have found through our own experience that these words He has so mercifully given have provided us with kind and wise direction.

We are excited about this document being taken to the Lord for His correction and instruction.

We have every confidence that if we as a body of covenant holders approach the Lord in meekness and humility that Christ our King will, in His mercy, correct and instruct us all to our great benefit because He has done so already.  Surely, He will do this because of His infinite love for everyone involved in this process.  He knows the price He paid for every one of us and He desires our success.

This is such an exciting opportunity for us all as covenant holders to rise up together and receive the will of the Lord in this assignment that we may be approved of Him and receive more commandments and more revelations in their time. 

We do not see any problem in all the differences of understanding of what should be written because we know that Christ knows what is right and what He wants.  He knows what must be presented to the world so that His sheep will hear His voice. 

He comprehends our lack of understanding and our blindness, all of us, and He has declared that He desires to heal us.  We believe Him and desire to take Him at His word because we have seen enough to trust Him.

There is nothing to fear in approaching Him together and presenting our weak pitiful offering in meekness and humility trusting wholly upon Him to mend what we all have broken and to give us more light by correcting us.

If we honestly approach Him with this document in the same way the Brother of Jared did with the stones, acknowledging our weakness and our folly and our unworthiness before Him continually, He will respond with grace.  The scriptures clearly testify of this. We believe what the scriptures say. He is an unchanging God and He is no respecter of persons.

What an exciting option to in unity ask Him to condescend in His mercy to correct us every one.  There are no losers with this option because all in this option will receive the blessing of His greater light in equal portion by Him correcting us.  There is no special or elite group in His eyes. 

Everything He has given to this point He has freely given to all equally.  His word in the scriptures, His word in the ten talks, His word in the Testimony of St John, His word in the conferences, His word in the answer and covenant, His covenant, and so forth; all has been given freely and equally to all for the benefit of all.  Likewise, correction and instruction (more light) from His word concerning this document will be given freely to all for the benefit of all. No one loses. Everyone wins.

We heartily encourage everyone to approach the Lord together with this.  Here is a marvelous opportunity for us all together to draw near unto Him now and He has promised that He will draw near unto us.  If we are truly meek and humble He will correct and instruct us. 

Let’s trust Him.  We will not go away empty handed.  We will go away rejoicing together and all glory and honor will rightly still belong to and be given to only our Lord for this will be another example of how He is doing His own work.

Again, we love all of you and always pray that God will bless every one of you with His best blessings and gifts.

Our Fellowship 


  1. Maybe as G&S proposers abandon their proposals and opt for this-or-that other G&S proposal, their proposals should be taken off the sidebar of this blog to avoid the confusing appearance that their G&S is still a live option.

    1. Or at least add a date to the title of each so that we can have a perspective on the chronology of things, I think would be helpful.

  2. I like having sidebar access to all the versions because each one has some valuable components: references, phrasing, sequence, etc. that I would like to be able to draw from in the future as I attempt to explain this movement to my new friends. When the update blog goes down, if it does, I hope there will be a file of all past proposals which remains easily accessible.

  3. The people’s unity and faith in God is greater than the document presented to the Lord.

    You are right fellowship. Even a fist full of little stones can demonstrate the kind of faith our Lord can respect and respond to. The brother of Jared called them “things” as he presented them to the Lord. The Liahona worked “according to faith.” When Moses threw down his staff in Pharo’s court, it was with Hope and faith that God would do something with it. David chose five smooth stones from the brook, only one was needed. When David let fly that one stone, it was with hope and faith that he did so. David did not slay Goliath, God did. David was ready for a five stone skirmish. God knew better.

    It is our collective faith in God and our unity in Him as His family that will please Him most. Some think unanimity is required. Unanimity would be wonderful, but is very unlikely in Gods system where agency is the key element. There is “opposition in ALL things.” “Opposition” does not imply right or wrong. Opposition simply implies there will always be opposing views. That is a good and desirable thing. We are indeed all free. There is nothing in the system currently being played out that removes or diminishes any individual’s ability, or right, to believe, profess, or act in any way they wish. This system has ever been God’s way and will continue to be His way eternally - He does not change. Opposing positions even play out in the Highest heavens, “and also a third part of the hosts of heaven turned he away from me because of their agency”. (D&C 29: 36)

    We need to know God’s part, then we can know absolute truth. Once we have approached Him as He has suggested we need to do, then we can all align to His perfect will. Knowing His part is the thing we have failed to unitedly do to this point. The seven chosen by God will approach Him with the document we agreed they would produce with the support of our prayers and faith. I have faith God will make known His part. Every individual should approach God together with the seven and have Him speak to them apart. Some have already done so.

    There will continue to be opposing views. That is precisely the reason we need to know God’s part. He has given us the way to know His part. That includes meekness, humility, and a contrite attitude to approach Him for His part. He will show us His part. I believe Him.

    1. Joseph’s people failed by doing some of the very same things we have demonstrated over the last eight months in our behavior. Jarrings, contentions, covetous desires, treating one another as opponents, and adversaries, instead of kin, even risings up as Satan toward one another, continually accusing. God cannot and never will work with that kind of behavior. Contention drives the spirit of God away.

      Unity is diametrically opposed to contention, jarrings, covetous desires and the like.

      There is a growing feeling of peace, and love, and unity, among many of the covenant. The response of this fellowship (above) is a demonstration of that. Unity is growing among us. It centers in the Lord Jesus Christ our King.

      Like David, we, as a people have chosen seven (not unlike David’s five stones) to allow God to do His work for us by His mighty hand. The people’s Goliath will topple in the same way David’s Goliath went down. Faith in our God and our unity in approaching Him will be enough.

      We continue to invite every soul among us, perhaps especially those who feel opposed to this course to lay down all feelings of division and let us join in unity to appraoach our God for His part. It is our unity that He will respect and respond to because of our faith in Him.

      (D&C 105)
      2 Behold, I say unto you, were it not for the transgressions of my people, speaking concerning the church and not individuals, they might have been redeemed even now.
      3 But behold, they have not learned to be obedient to the things which I required at their hands, but are full of all manner of evil, and do not impart of their substance, as becometh saints, to the poor and afflicted among them;

      4 And are not united according to the union required by the law of the celestial kingdom;

      5 And Zion cannot be built up unless it is by the principles of the law of the celestial kingdom; otherwise I cannot receive her unto myself.

  4. Mutual agreement means mutual agreement.

    You have all been invited, and are still invited, to humble yourselves, and come and reason as equals upon the G&S, openly, in a neutral forum provided for this purpose:

  5. It is quite difficult for two parties, let alone more, to come to mutual agreement when one of the parties refuses to converse.

    And we have only until the Lord rejects us as a people to come to mutual agreement.

    1. Mutual agreement means you, howsoever many you may possibly be who agree together on whatever it is you agree upon, cannot put upon me what I do not agree to. To put upon me what I do not agree to is unjust.

      That is, this requires unanimity.

      And I will not agree to more or less than the gospel of our Lord, Jesus Christ, as the G&S.

      And since we all, at least in theory agree upon the gospel of Jesus Christ, the quickest path to mutuality is to put forth exactly and only what we all actually do agree to.

      You don’t have to trust me, I don’t have to trust you, we both trust in the Lord and stand upon his gospel.

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    3. How much do any of us actually know about the law of the celestial kingdom, though?

      Were any of those who comprised the third part of the hosts of heaven on any councils with authority to formulate what we think of as Father's Plan of Salvation? Or were they all just part of the general population?

      What does equality in heaven look like and how does it function? Is equality the same thing as agency?

      Father's Council, did/do They not have to have unanimous agreement amongst themselves?

      What would a kingdom look like if there was not mutual agreement all of the time?

      What would a kingdom look like where there is mutual agreement all of the time?

      Have any of us taken this dispute up with Christ our Lord and been given light and understanding that can be shared? We've looked up the definitions, but have we asked Him? Perhaps this is a very good example of something we need His understanding of? Right now we are all just trying to come up with scriptures, analogies, and metaphors to demonstrate our own thinking. We have passion. We have desire to be obedient to our Saviour. But are we filled with His love and hope for one another? Do we desire to become friends, to serve each other, to sacrifice for one another? Are we anxious no one is left behind or walks away from us as a group?

      I want to love each person as they are, and if any of my words or thinking is not coming from such a desire it is nothing more than stinkin' thinkin' that I ought to toss away. I can learn to understand and demonstrate faith in and patience for those I don't always agree with until I can agree on this one thing--GS. I hope others can do the same for me, though I feel badly that I will test everyone on that because I am full of weakness.

    4. Re: Log November 22, 2017 at 11:15 AM

      Having unanimity as a goal seems noble. REQUIRING it (of a dynamic group) seems like something very different. Some folks will never be persuaded of any given thing. You and I both agree on that. Don't we have to allow them to not be persuaded? If we allow them to not be persuaded then don't we have to allow for a lack of unanimity?

      I honestly think we have to allow for a lack of unanimity if we want to honor people's long term freedom to dissent.

    5. The Lord requires mutual agreement. The Lord does not vary from what he has said. Therefore, mutual agreement is required. The reason is because this G&S can be a material addition to the terms of the covenant - the G&S is, in part, for us “to follow.” Therefore we all have to individually agree to it or else the addition is unjust.

      If one of us does not agree, we don’t move. The requirement that we mutually agree upon a G&S is not a matter of interpretation, but it is instead the literal, facial reading of the A&C.

      So, you don’t have to agree with me. Mutual agreement is not my requirement. If we do not do what the Lord has said, and present him something not mutually agreed to as a G&S and have it added to the scriptures we are compiling despite our lack of mutual agreement, the covenant is broken, as I read it.

    6. Gotcha. I think we both want to do what the Lord has said. And that's good enough for me.

      Your brother,


      P.S. In the A&C the Lord said differences in understanding need not divide us. I think that is true. Here's to a mutually agreeable G&S.

  6. I was asked a series of questions concerning a previous post in support of the G&S proposal entitled The Rock of Jesus Christ: A Statement of Our Principles. The post in question is here:

    The G&S proposal The Rock of Jesus Christ is found here:

    In order to save space on this blog, you may read my answers to the questions here:

    You all have been invited, and are still invited, to humble yourselves and reason upon the G&S together as equals in a neutral forum provided for this purpose:

    For my part, I will stand on the gospel of Jesus Christ, his rock and his salvation:

    Remember: we only have until the Lord rejects us as a people to mutually agree as one to stand upon the gospel of Jesus Christ, his rock and his salvation, and his gospel alone.

    1. Jared, I wanted to let you know that I am thoughtfully considering what you are proposing for the GS. I can tell that you have put much thought and study into your offering. It is beautiful in its simplicity and scope, but also startling after exposure to all the other options.

      You have a unique perspective that is very different from the other proposals. I find your logic and reasoning to be sound, though I find myself wanting to disagree or add more (knee-jerk reactions). Relying on my own learning, I suppose.

      I may be mistaken with this idea, but it seems to me that the majority of GS offerings are all patterned after Jeff Savage's original version. Yours is not. There is only one other—the "simple" one, that is akin to yours. I find myself wondering why that is. Why did Jeff's version include what it did? I respect and do not doubt his preparation and patience in waiting until he felt moved to write. I had no questions about the content. I still like it. But maybe I was also looking for too much guidance for myself and family, and that is why I wanted all the details?

      I can see how anything more than what you have outlined looks and sounds like “a church” of some sort, one that appears to require people to join and do specific…things. Whereas what you suggest frees all up to pursue whatever God puts into the individual heart. If some few are drawn to study, learn, serve, and worship together that’s great! But if they are not and instead feel led to remain part of an organized religion where they can also learn to apply the Sermon on the Mount and other commandments as given by Christ, that’s great too! Or any other beautiful combination of life and living. I can see the freedom and openness of what you are suggesting.

      But does it fulfill what Christ admonished us it needs to? Is it "wise in word and kind in deed," written by us, and will it “bless, benefit, and inform” those “others who know nothing, as yet, of [His] work now underway?”

      Does His work now underway include all that Denver has been teaching of late concerning tithing, fellowships, Joseph Smith’s work, the Book of Mormon, and Christ’s Sacrifice? What does Christ see that I do not?

      Perhaps if we can each let go of preconceived ideas about what the GS is supposed to contain and look like, we can then hear His guidance with clarity? No se at this point. But I am excited to begin praying and asking specific questions of Him. He is faithful to answer when we humble ourselves and meekly see His wisdom. Thanks for listening, to me and everyone else.

  7. Thanks Anonymous 1.

    I likewise would publish my support for the resultant G&S put together by the Lots 7.

    I, along with support of several others, had submitted the entry "Adopted by Mutual Agreement." (adopting the original GP as the G&S)

    I heartily welcome the opportunity to coalesce around this LOTS document. After whatever modifications/changes are implemented, I expect to be able to sincerely adopt it by mutual agreement with whomever else would do likewise... not that there may be more things or less things that could be included... but because everything that is included is true (IMO).