Monday, November 20, 2017

A Guide and Standard Chosen by Lots-UPDATE (11/20/17)

A Plea to Covenant People and Believers Everywhere- UPDATE (11/20/17)

Brothers and sisters,

We have received some excellent feedback (thank you) and hope to publicly respond to some of it so that all may read. We have incorporated a lot of that feedback into the document, remaining true to our methodology and process. All changes thus far are relatively minor, a small tweak here for formatting or a clarification there on the word used.

Please remain patient with us as we respond individually to each of you that have reached out to us. We are taking time as a group of seven to consider your suggestions. The files attached to this entry will lead to the same document posted on Saturday. When we have taken all input into consideration, and have made the changes necessary, we will be posting the Guide and Standard that will be taken to the Lord. The description of how that process will work is described below.

Right now we are overwhelmed with your love and support, and hope you will take a moment to thank someone who went before, and did the real work. There have been many emails written to us that are full of kindness and love. We also know there are those who disagree with the process, proposal, or draft. We extend to you our peace and love, may God bless you.

As far as the content goes, one could edit and replace quotes with other quotes, scriptures with other scriptures, etc. One could create an (almost) entirely brand new document that stated the same thing just using different words from the canon. To some, the way Nephi phrased it resonates more than the way Joseph Smith phrased it, which might be slightly different than the way Denver Snuffer phrased it. To others, the way Denver phrased it resonates more than Nephi. It will be impossible to reconcile this. This document is only meant to give a tiny glimpse into thousands of pages of the words of the Lord; to point and guide towards the feast in the scriptures.

We have already received from you some scriptures and quotes from authorized servants we could add or replace. They are all appropriate and wonderful and we will consider them. If we don’t include them or change them, it is simply because we are trying to stay very brief and stay true to the work already done by all who worked before. Those who labored before have their fingerprints all over this current document. We are happy to keep it that way.

We are hoping to close out the feedback process on Tuesday and finish the work asked of us. At that time, the seven of us will approach the Lord in prayer and fasting to submit to Him our effort in providing what He required, while asking Him also to give us His part. We will add or remove items, or communicate whatever He instructs after receiving direct input from Him. We invite all to join us in prayer and fasting on Tuesday and/or Wednesday that His will be manifest to us.

To honor the Lord’s words, we are leaving Denver Snuffer out of this petition to the Lord. In keeping with the “Lots Proposal,” we asked Denver if he would be willing to present the completed version of the Guide and Standard to the Lord on behalf of the body of believers. He responded, “I would be willing to pray for the group’s success and petition the Lord to make it known to the group if He accepts the Statement. But I do not want to take one step in a direction that I’ve been forbidden from taking.” We respect and support the Lord’s command in forbidding Denver’s involvement, and therefore we will prepare the document to take directly to the Lord; trusting He will faithfully give us His part.  

We again extend to all our love and peace. As a body we desire to be His people, to accept and do as He requires. We have faith the Lord will make His will known.

Your friends,
Jack Hinkle, St. George, Utah
Jason Carlson, Dallas, Texas
John Webster, Cedar City, Utah
Jeff Reber, Beaver Creek, Oregon
Jonathan Dippold, Bury st. Edmunds, England
Shalyce Woodard, Clinton, Utah
Kirk Strong, Orem, Utah

If you want to talk to us, we can be reached at

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  1. I'm attempting to read this document however I am finding that there seem to be many issues. One with the over all document I cannot decipher what citing standard you are using when quoting exact words from scripture. Following the MLA standard you should " quote scripture." What I am finding that it is nearly impossible to detect which is written by God and those words written by man. This would help with clarity as well as proof of argument using scripture to make your point.

    Under the heading of Jesus Christ there is two words that I have serious issue with they are "pursue judgment" really?? Do you really mean this?
    Those two words should not be together when we are to pursue God and Christ's teachings and NOT judging!

    I use the Oxford English Dictionary for defining of these two words.
    Pursue: 1) follow in order to catch or attack. 2) seek to attain (a goal). 3) proceed along (a path or route). 4) follow or continue (a course of action). > continue to investigate or discuss.
    origin ME (Middle English) from Anglo-Norman French pursuer, from alt of Latin prosequi "prosecute."
    Judgement: 1) the ability to make considered decisions or form sensible opinions.>an opinion or conclusions. > a decision of a law court or judge. 2) a misfortune viewed as a divine punishment.

    The combination of words is very confusing in the use as to what we are be towards each other. and then to state we are to pursue or seek after judgment. These two words seem contradictory to what the surrounding state says and as well with each other.

    As with formatting it would add to ease of the reader to cite to noted footnotes on the same page that the notation appears on. So one is not flipping back and forth trough document.

    And now moving on to page two!! I have a feeling I will be back with questions as to how things are being stated.