Friday, October 27, 2017

Introduction to Statement of Principles-Anonymous1

To all our wonderful Fellow Covenant Holders,

 We are a small fellowship, unassociated with any other group or fellowship who has proposed or is proposing a possible Guide and Standard to this point.  We have no desire to hinder or submarine anyone’s proposal.  We do not care who writes an acceptable proposal. We have voted in the past to sustain previous proposals. 

We have no other desire than to submit to the Lord, in order to hopefully complete the assignment to bring to Him an acceptable Guide and Standard. We have exceeding great anxieties that we will all fail if we do not complete soon what the Lord has commanded us. 

Our understanding is that if that happens we, as a people, will suffer the same fate as the early Saints. We will be rejected and lose the promises of the covenant.  In our opinion that would be devastating beyond words.

We have been persuaded in our thinking, by the United Plan, that any guide and standard ought to be what Christ has given us, His words, because we believe what the Lord has declared concerning us all;   “I desire to heal you from an awful state of blindness so that you may see clearly my will, to do it.” (Answer and Covenant)

We also agree that the words of Christ have already been mutually agreed to by all covenant holders when we all stood together and said “YES”.

When we sat down together during a fellowship meeting to follow this pattern of compiling what the Lord has given freely to all for the benefit of all, we found that in the last three years of our fellowshipping together the Lord’s words in the following compilation had answered all of our questions about how we should proceed together.  It was so refreshing to review again what He had said.

We discovered for ourselves that it truly was such a light and a joyous thing to compile these words together.  We were able to compile the following in one and a half hours.  We rejoiced at God’s mercy and His goodness in condescending to work among men again today.

Our intentions are for our identities to forever remain unknown, because we view all the words we propose for a Guide and Standard to be Christ’s words which He has condescended in His mercy to give to us in our unworthy state for the benefit and the progression of all His children on the earth and therefore we have no ownership of them at all.

We witness that the author of all of the following words is Christ.  We have found out for ourselves and not from another that His words are the most kind and wise words we in our group have ever read.

We love these words and that is why we, our group, covenanted in Boise to receive them as the words of Christ to govern ourselves.

We readily acknowledge that though these are not our words, our work of compiling these things is weak.  We understand very well our exceeding limitations in creating any document and our lack of understanding.  If we did not feel such strong anxiety for the situation we as a covenant group are all in we would never attempt to submit this or any other document for any type of consideration. Therefore, if this simple compilation were accepted to be presented to the Lord for His approval we would rely wholly and completely upon on His mercy and longsuffering to reveal what should be changed and corrected.

We love you all and pray God will bless every one of you with His greatest blessings.  It is our most earnest desire that all of you will become precious to us and we will become precious to all of you.


  1. From my letter to a friend:

    This statement of premise and principles is what we have been agonizing over writing, as a body of believers, for months: trying to agree on how to present and position this forward Gospel movement to those just hearing about it and coming into new fellowship.

    This is a simple compilation of scriptures, and also quotes from Denver Snuffer whom we consider to be a teacher of truth and messenger from the Lord.

    In reading it, you will have the clear, basic information you need to take to the Lord in prayer for your own confirmation of what is happening, and how you become a part of it.

    As of today, October 28, 2017, this has not yet been "voted upon" by the general assembly, and is still in proposal status.

    But in reading this, after nearly losing hope after all the jarrings and contentions among us regarding previous draft versions of a Guide and Standard, I have hope again.

    This plain and simple compilation is the crucial core of the pure Gospel of Peace which can presented to any person upon this earth, in any circumstance, for them to have the opportunity to hear the voice, recognize truth, and act upon it. To me, it is breathtakingly beautiful and rings true to the Spirit of Christ which I have come to recognize and to trust.

    I have no idea which fellowship got together and compiled it, and I don't care who is behind it, but I want to be in that fellowship.

    Whether or not it is ultimately voted to be included in the Restoration Edition scriptures and canonized, I am myself presenting this compilation to those I love and entreat with all my heart to be baptised and saved in this eternal round.

    Lynne McKinley

  2. I love the statement that you have compiled. However, your motivation to rush this forward concerns me. Having "exceeding great anxieties that we will all fail if we do not complete soon", fearing "that we will suffer the same fate as the early Saints" and "be rejected and lose the promises of the covenant", and expressing that this "would be devastating beyond words", feels like fear based language.

    I'm encouraged to see us working through this together and I trust it will happen without trying to force it. This quote from Denver's 6th talk on Zion comes to mind: "I want to remind you however, that throughout the scriptures, when it comes to the establishment of Zion, there is no such thing as 'hastening the work.' It can't be done in haste... D&C 63: 24: 'This is the will of the Lord your God concerning his saints, that they should assemble themselves together unto the land of Zion, not in haste, lest there should be confusion, which bringeth pestilence.' The instruction given in 1831 will apply when the Lord decides to gather again. Not in haste. Just as it did before, haste will bring pestilence to the land of gathering."

    This wonderful statement that your fellowship has compiled I feel could be acceptable as our statement of principals, as with other recent proposals.

    The beauty of the statement you have compiled is that it conforms to this plan by using only quotes from various sources. There is something in your statement that gives rise to an issue that I feel worth pointing out as it relates to further efforts being made to compose a united statement of principals. You have used quotes from sources outside of that which we have covenanted together to accept. Many of us agree with much of Denver's teachings, but when these fall outside of what we have covenanted to, it can leave open space for disagreement and possible confusion.

    An example from your statement I suggest as a case in point. You have quoted the following from "Preserving the Restoration", pg. 521:

    "Use wine. If you are opposed to alcohol or have a medical condition that prevents you from using wine, use red grape juice. Use the symbol of the blood of our Lord. Red wine is bitter for a reason."

    This language differs from Denver's original words used from the transcript of the talk itself:

    "You can use wine. Or, if you are opposed to alcohol, alternatively if you have some medical condition that prevents you from using wine, then use grape juice. Not water. Use red grape juice. Use the symbol of the blood of our Lord. I can tell you that generally, red wine is bitter for a reason."

    There are slight differences between Denver's words, "Use wine" (with no reference to water) in his book, and his words "You can use wine... Not water" from his talk, either of which that could be interpreted as contradicting revelation that states, "It matters not what you shall eat or what you shall drink when you partake of the sacrament, if it so be that ye do it with an eye single to my Glory". (RE T&C 7:1)

    Such criticism may seem like quibbling over minor points. I suggest that confining our words used in the Statement of Principals, to what the Lord has stated in the Answer & Covenant as well as the scriptures that we have covenanted to, will avoid such issues.

    Jay and Kiyoko Ball

  3. I hereby publicly express my dissent from this proposal.

    Jared Livesey

  4. Jared Livesey,

    I have responded to your public dissent in the thread here: