Sunday, October 1, 2017


The scripture committee has a responsibility to remain neutral in the Guide and Standard struggle. To maintain a distance from the work and discussions surrounding this effort, we have created a separate blog from the Scriptures Project blog, rather than maintaining the original arrangement of all-in-one. We hope that this will become a fruitful endeavor and that we all learn to respectfully disagree and to become of one heart.


  1. Thanks, this is great. You may want to copy over the content of the following post so that people know where to submit proposals:


  2. The diversity in the original Snuffer Readers Group was remarkable. Everybody just jumped in with thoughts, proposals, criticisms, and constructive comments. There was outrage, arguing and verbal attacks. But there were also reconciliations and understanding, and moments of incredible light. We were this wild crazy family that talked together at the family reunion. But we beat each other up, the wounds are still fresh, and we are healing. Many are hanging back, afraid to say anything, afraid to get jumped on. Watching, waiting, hoping for something to happen but not wanting to stir things up again. What have we learned so far? To be kinder to each other. This forum is an incredible opportunity to engage again with equal voices, to speak the things we have all bottled up. The difference here, in contrast to the original SRG free for all is that we have sincerely covenanted with God to love and support each other. We truly are family. Let's get this right, finally. As this site stands, there are comment fields in each of the proposal camps, and sub fields within those. I for one work a full time job, have family obligations and a basic need for sleep. I just can't make it through dozens of proposal commentaries, blogs, groups, and Facebook messenger posts each day. I hope this site will become a central repository for comments about moving forward, but the only general category for comments seems to be "Neutrality". Can you folks add a general comments field? The clock is ticking. We all feel it. When the final talk/message goes out to the Christian gentiles in November a page turns. New chapter in the Book of Life. Man, I really love all you crazy,intelligent,spiritual,flawed,funky folks. Family.

    1. I appreciate your comments about the SRG, Lynne. By the time I heard about it from my friends, there were usually groans about the bickering and bashing that the group was devolving into. That struck me as weird. It wasn't until we all engaged with the Guide & Standard project that I came to realize what an audacious proposition becoming of one heart and mind is in this telestial place. The more divisive the state of our collective hearts, the more I've felt the power of the Lord and his wisdom. That he'd bet on us for the sake of the fathers is utterly humbling. I resonate to your hope for us and our assignment.

  3. Is there any question that we have a dispute among us?

    The folks with Enoch were right where we are now at some point. I wonder if they're watching us and laughing about all this, or if they're crying for us.

    Jesus Christ is the Prototype. That Man has been through all of this, all of it, in His personal journey up Jacob's ladder. He was right smack dab in the middle of this kind of stuff at some point in his eternal career.

    I really want to know what He suggests, as we try to move forward. I want to know His heart, His opinion, His suggestions, His advice. His part in this.

    If nobody else will do it then I will.

    I designate next Sunday, October 8, 2017 a day of drop everything else and fast from the internet voices and pray to sincerely know the Lord's preference for how we get ourselves out of this gridlock.

    If we know His mind in the matter, we can be unified. I get it that a lot of people are sincerely afraid that they are failures at receiving answers to prayer. But our Lord is absolutely capable of revealing His will to us in spite of our cluttered capabilities.

    One of the most touching, and telling moments in all of the St. George conference talks was when Paul Durham shared hearing the Lord say to him "It's OK to ask me how I feel".

    Boom. There it was. Ephraim's great sin of self focus. Oh Lord, forgive us, we forgot to check on you. See how you're doing: what you need, what you want. How you're feeling about all this.....

    Shouldn't that be our first priority - finding out how the Lord feels, and what He suggests, before we try One. More. Thing.?

  4. Remember this in "Answer and Covenant"? "Pray together in humility and together meekly present your DISPUTE to me, and if you are contrite before me I will tell you my part."

  5. I'm a humble servant of Christ Jesus and pray that you will listen to the still small voice of the spiritπŸ˜‡I'll also pray for the group that we listen to the Lord and his direction in this new Dispensation of the Restoration Gospel that we choose Love always in all things!Your Brother In Christ Tony (Boise BelieversπŸ‘«πŸ‘¬πŸ‘­πŸ’πŸ‘ͺπŸ’‘πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž