Tuesday, October 10, 2017


There are many camps with many perspectives on the Guide and Standard assignment from the Lord. On October 7th, a group of 27 individuals, holding mostly different perspectives, came together to listen to a message the host of the gathering had prepared. Their response to the message is described by them as a tender mercy from the Lord, as the Spirit instructed their hearts and minds.  Individual differences vanished, errors were exposed, and forgiveness was found.

Due to the message shared, a unified idea for a POTENTIAL path forward with regard to the Guide and Standard began to emerge. This idea is not attempting to judge or disregard any other efforts or proposals underway, or to stifle progress on a front that anyone feels is important. Because it appears that the competing perspectives of those who were in attendance were able to agree, it seems reasonable to assume that perhaps everyone's concerns can be satisfied. 

It may take a few weeks to accomplish the first step and bring the complete proposal forward to the assembly of believers. The details are currently being worked through by those involved and the desire is to get it into the open as soon as is reasonably possible.

A synopsis of what was understood and how it came about will be presented shortly. The group involved has also indicated that, though they uncovered this resolution, there will be the opportunity for everyone who wishes to contribute. They are not controlling the process nor writing a final Guide and Standard.


  1. Another round? Who were the 27 and who was the host?

  2. I believe this proposal is wonderful and has the best chance of being mutually approved by all because it will be written from the very words the Lord has given us. It has my full support if it sticks to the task of replacing D&C 20.